New York Acquisitions & Sales Attorney


At Cohen & Perfetto LLP, we do more than close deals.  Cohen & Perfetto LLP provides comprehensive acquisitions & sales attorney services to purchasers and sellers of virtually all types of real estate in all stages of development.  We represent a wide range of clients, from owners, developers, investors and publicly traded companies.  We structure transactions to provide our clients with the ability to phase the purchase and development of projects so that our client’s maximize their return and mitigate their risks.  We are involved from the initial letter of intent.  In addition to drafting the transaction documents, our work also involves assisting our clients in (i) reviewing due diligence which includes, title, survey, leases, environmental and zoning matters and (ii) negotiating easements, restrictive covenants and other agreements necessary for the development of the property.  Cohen & Perfetto LLP also routinely structures the relationships between the parties governing the ownership and development of the real estate, including joint ventures, public-private partnerships and other entities. It all adds up to New York’s most comprehensive real estate acquisition & sales attorney services.

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